barry + jana | busch stadium and beyond

jana + barry knew just where they wanted to start their engagement session.
any guesses where we might be?

and hey, it's not called "the golden hour" for nothing.
don't you just want to drink in that quality of light!:

oh when i see the emotion, the FEELING found in images like the one above and below (and below that, and below that LOL), it's sure makes a static (i.e. stand here, look at camera) shot seem um, not-so-exciting.

the following might embody drinking-in-the-light to the point of an ice-cream head-freeze. but OH! it's so fun to find the flair thru the lens!

a change of clothes/a change of scenery.
QUICK name THIS St. Louis landmark:

oh wait, you can see "city hall" above the door, can't you . . .
the evening's palette seemed to call out for a bit of texture when processing.
honestly for me the verdict is still out on this as a technique to embrace, but texture sure is fun to play with when you have the right image to work, like THIS one:

no texture applied to the following, but wow, love what we (meaning annika and i along with a FANTASTIC couple-in-love, jana + barry) were able to do with our new video light:

have we mentioned how much annika ROCKS! --
wow look at her capture HERE:
a lovely, lovely evening with a most wonderful couple!
hey, you can CLICK RIGHT HERE and see the whole show!

thanks jana + barry!
can't wait till the wedding!!!