baba + tad :: ENGAGED!

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do you like the old CLICK here plan, or do you like to see slideshows EMBEDED
(that word always makes me think of journalists in tanks now) like the above?
well, of COURSE there's still rambling read on ;D

LOVE this story:

when baby maria isabel come home with her mama . . .
and her big sisters peered down to meet her for the first time,
"baba" seemed to be how baby-maria-isabel translated in toddler-speak.
and to this day, THAT has stuck.


we have a similar story in our house. 
zoe wasn't quite 18 months old when she met baby tycho (for pronunciation purposes, rhymes with psycho...have we mentioned that? -- but luckily, no connection other than the rhyme...we think) 
so back to the story:
tycho was born. zoe came in to meet him and exclaimed "my bubbie, my bubbie" clapping her little hands. 
was it my brother? my baby? some combination of the two?? 
though he's EIGHT now...(someday i'll share picture of that 2-foot long sub we had at his all day "block party" -- as in lego blocks, to celebrate) anyway though tycho's 8 he still answers to bubbie. and every time i hear it, it just warms my heart.

there's a whole lot of ways tad + maria warm hearts, too.
i LOVE them. i absolutely, totally LOVE them.

we try to EDIT engagement + wedding images to identify the strongest pictures for the online slideshow, but THIS is their whole shoot. i SO want you all to have a chance to see it all! confession: i just keep looking at these pictures again and again. and this song? well i chose this song for no other reason than i want to hear it again and again. so THAT seems like an ideal match. plus i was listening to this while post-procesing and somethings then, like peanut butter and jelly, the two ("a" being the pictures + "b" being the music) seem a bit lonely, a bit um, naked? without each other.....hmmm

now kim and i really try so hard to introduce silver lining readers (we need a better word than going to work on that!) ~ but we try so hard to feature local artists or musicians just starting out. there's nothing local or "new" about this guy....just learned that his 4-song CD is the all time best-selling CD on CD 

do you have this song on your iPod yet?
if not yet, you can do what i'm doing and hit "replay the slideshow" again and again. 
i like THESE pictures and THIS song THAT much and hope you do, too.

tad + ba: what a great GREAT afternoon it was!
thanks for making the trip into kansas city, for the conversation, for the insight, for the time. 
the thought of documenting your wedding absolutely delights me!  
(and the chance to hang out with alex + tim snyder again...well what a HUGE BONUS! 
~ btw the first time we used an alexi murdoch song was with THEIR nuts-for-each-other wedding.