Ansley Barnes :: Rock Bridge SR'20

Columbia, MO Senior Portraits

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Get ready to adore Ansley! She is whip-smart and most days you can find her swimming laps in the early hours of the morning. Her dedication to swimming earned her team a state championship, too! She is self-motivated, social, and compassionate. Ansley wears her emotions on her pretty face and in no time at all you’ll be smiling right alongside her. Ansley is indoorsy and loves dance parties in the car on the way to get ice cream. Ansley :: Rock Bridge SR'20

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student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as •  compassionate, motivated, outgoing last meal • steak and corn, mac & cheese, and of course, Andy’s my go-to accessory • a messy bun my friends and I love •  to blare music and eat ice cream  loves SilverBox Seniors because • I love how pretty and natural looking the pictures are! Also, I’ve heard that it’s such a fun experience!

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