anne + doug :: JUST MARRIED!

images now . . .

(and slideshow link, too!)

posed images are rarely my favorite. but wow. the above image seems exactly right. we have a lot from this series, so my most favorite may change over time, but i think they work because
a. anne is sooooo lovely;
b. anne was totally at ease, at peace, and at the same time: overjoyed;
c. instead of strict posing, it was much more directed-but-fluid. seems to make all the difference!
annika and i and the wedding party spent 25 minutes after the ceremony at the train station, and oh am i loving these pictures!!

more from the station; anne laughing AT doug:

laughing WITH doug:
anne and doug, their cute cute selves:

but let's back up. all the way to friday night. what a fun spot for rehearsal dinner:

the artist of record on the above work: Campbell Laird, (but Cam of Amy Keller-Grady Laird Wedding best-mandom, swears he's NOT the Campbell Laird who painted them. Can there BE two?)

love THIS of anne saturday morning in her old room:

THIS really happened, too:
anne's dad walks in, seeing her for the first time in her gown, and her mom just watches (oh LOVE it!!)

group-shots-in-motion, yep THIS is the way to go . . . we do this reservoir dog thing all the time, but i don't remember it ever being more animated:

here's a non-animated group shot just so you can see the whole gang . . .
WONDERFUL people!!

and oh, i'm proud of this series.
anne with her dad moments before going down the aisle:

and this next one . . . just seconds after doug + anne came back up the aisle:

so cute!

and there are HUNDREDS MORE just as cute i'm telling you.
wanna peek at their slideshow and see a few of them?!

c o n f e s s i o n s :
- i always thought gloria gaynor was a one-hit wonder, but NO . . .
- my friend rita and i almost won $500 (or maybe it was some kind of jet ski type thing) 15 or 16 years ago in a clearwater, iowa bar with our karaoke rendition of i-will-survive
- i can't sing to save my life but rita's fantastic . . . i do however bring sheer volume and an unabashed devil-may-care attitude to any "performance"
- projection matters ~ sure vocalists only if they're on-key, but for speakers, in general . . . projection = a good thing! and it was a public speaking course in which i FIRST met anne . . . probably 8, maybe 9 years ago: i was anne's TA in an intro-to-public-speaking class at MU. as a freshman, she stayed after class and introduced herself to me on the very first day.
- back to the SONG you'll hear HERE -- it was in anne + doug's car during their KC engagement session, that i first heard tingsek's rendition of this song and i so meant to "save it" for their wedding BUT
- then last week it seemed so perfect for amy + kyle
- LOVE this version, perhaps even more! -- listen to what's happening in the background during ring exchange. what a hoot!
- i first met DOUG at molly + adam's wedding, grooving to the "love shack" if i recall correctly.
- the B-52s were big BIG when i was in college . . . not grad school, COLLEGE . . . that's how old i am: michael jackson in elementary school; Duran-Duran and culture club in junior high; madonna + prince in high school; the B-52s and U2 in college; oh and that Modern English i'd-stop-the-world-to-melt-with-you song playing pretty much at every party i ever went to. so yep...pretty old but (just to see if she's reading this far) ~ kim's OLDER ;)