andrea + j.c. :: married in jefferson City ~ photography by SilverBox

andrea + j.c. ~ married in jefferson city, missouri on a lovely fall day. pictured above: arris' pizza, a favorite spot of j.c. and andrea's. we stopped there in between ceremony and reception.

and talk about a sweet couple . . . sweet friends . . . sweet families! andrea is nicknamed "ladybug" by her loved ones . . . not sure why, but it sure seems to fit her! can you find the laydug in this picture?

and since we're on the topic of details AND loved ones, just look at how andrea and j.c.'s friends decorated the Truman Hotel where the reception was held . . . truly a professional-quality job with beautiful lighting: here's j.c. getting a little pre-ceremony help from his mom: and j.c. and andrea, minutes before heading to the altar:

ok, andrea: those green bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen ties? FANTASTIC! (and for those of you not at the wedding, we found a vintage green chair in the church basement that matched the color scheme perfectly . . . we brought it outside for some posing fun . . . see those adorable kids shots below)

andrea's dad gave an INCREDIBLE heartfelt toast . . . here he is, along with a few reactions (psst, be sure to look at how j.c. is looking at andrea!):

and photographer, abbie, who assisted that day, gets the LAST shot! Here are two BEAUTIFUL pictures she made on the dance floor . . . wow, abbie . . . full of emotion, perfect!

ok, so these are only a fraction of the pictures we made that day . . . ya gotta see more! and guess what? you can! just click here for the slideshow and enjoy!