...and we knew them back when

*This is a RE-RELEASED SilverLining entry...we'd posted it shortly after the shoot without realizing that the pictures were a SURPRISE Christmas gift for mike + tracy's parents. Hope they loved 'em!.

from just-after Thanksgiving; 11/26/07:
paul and i (and kids) are just getting back from a week's vacation -- a picture or two coming soon -- but couldn't resist sharing these first. Met up with Tracy and Mike (and Jonah!) just before leaving town....look how fun!

Why are there no madonna-and-child pictures painted like this?....ok, couldn't help but doing a quick google search and well maybe this one is close

oh I LOVE these three!:
i remember meeting michael + tracy when they were engaged and shopping for a wedding photographer ~ they drove in from st. louis one evening and we met up over ice cream in columbia.
i LOVED them immediately! -- loved the stories they told and their zest for life.
i didn't just want to be their photographer...heck i wanted to be their NEIGHBOR!

an engagement shoot.......meeting their families at their rehearsal.....spending their wedding day with them....those funky fun watermelon maternity pictures....and now:
what a fabulous family!!!