amy + kyle ~ MARRIED!

you know things are going to be good if when you walk in the door someone greets you carrying fresh fruit and tiny muffins!

such was the case at the gallery where amy + girlfriends took part in a little pampering at the start of the wedding day. what a neat space!

amy + kyle's wedding had lots of neat space (just you wait!) and neat color!:

darling children:
heart-melting emotion:

and even an apple tree out back that made for a lovely lovely setting for group shots:
but the BEST space was yet to come!
while i was in the the gallery salon with the girls, annika was pulling into town and sent a "how can i help?" text.
"scout cool location" was my response and WOW look what she uncovered:

oh what fun!
and speaking of annika, she created this next image (and i LOVE it!!!!)
and look, our off-camera lighting skills paying big dividends yet again:

yikes, that above statement came out a bit more forward than i intended . . . it's just that well, lighting it's huge.
and really peering into a difficult-to-light scene can really help you figure out how much confidence to have in photographer.
have we made this confession?
that making a pretty picture of pretty people outside on a pretty day . . . well, that's pretty easy to do.
but finding/creating lovely light, esp. in tough conditions . . . whew, that's MUCH more challenging. capturing emotion, and the overall story at the same time, well, you get the picture:
fyi: that's kyle's dad with the camera above the "www"
gosh i love this job!
amy + kyle's videographer, whom we'd never worked with before but LOVED and would recommend in a heartbeat said
"wow I can't believe how beautiful those images look, even on your LCD screen. that's unbelievable."

btw, his name: frank cann with andrew whitney productions, quincy, illinois. get in touch with him if you're in the market.

it takes a team, you know. (hugs going out right now to kim wade, best business partner ever AND to annika: WOW you outdid yourself with that vacant lot find ~ great shooting, my friend AND to our new friend, frank cann, who made our lives so much easier that day. and of course to the women of the gallery for starting my day with fresh fruit and a charming space and thanks especially to amy + kyle ~ so trusting, so great to work with, and LOOK, so happy . . . THIS came in about 11 PM last night after i'd sent them a sneak peak of THIS SLIDESHOW:
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! We have watched it over and over again and can't stop laughing at certain things and saying "Oh...stop pause it. Go back!" By the way...the music gave us chills! =] I think Kyle may have had a tear in his eye at the end and my cheeks hurt from smiling the entire slideshow! The pictures are unbelievable and I have this anxious feeling (kind of like Christmas Eve when you aren't tired, but you know you have to go to bed so Santa will come). I just want to stand outside and shout to everyone to come look at our wedding pictures! I CANNOT wait for everyone to see them. I'm especially excited for those who weren't able to make the trip...they can see the whole day and feel the emotion through your images. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are amazing and I will forever recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer! We could not be more pleased with your professionalism and friendliness. You and Annika knocked our socks off when we saw you hauling around a cooler with water and fanning us! And the whole day you guys would say "Amy, what can I do to help? Do you need anything?" You two were more than were more like personal assistants with cameras! =] Ok...I'm gonna watch it one more time and then try to sleep...I'm so giddy I feel like I did the night before we got married.

lovin every minute of it!

amy enderle