Amy & Grady....and 80s music

I met Amy and Grady just a day or two before Christmas and we shot engagement images the day after. They live and work in New York, but grew up here in Columbia and the timing just couldn't have been better.

It slipped in conversation early on that Amy Keller digs 80s music...a trait that always endears one to my heart, so I couldn't resist setting a few of these images to the first 80s song with New York referencing lyrics that popped into my head. CLICK HERE FOR THE QUICK SLIDESHOW and long live Erasure! Confession: I listened to this (cassette tape, mind you) to and from high school nearly everyday for the better part of my senior year.

I LOVE this band. Erasure fans, unite! (Am I Right? - insider's joke; come on A LIttle Respect, if you please)
Oh l'Amour, I loved meeting and working with this couple. Amy and Grady are interesting and insightful and how lucky I feel to have the chance to document their celebration.

hmmm....the chance , makes me sing Take a Chance as I sign off....

amy enderle

PS Kim and I have been sort of slow getting stuff to the blog of late, but will be back with a vengence after all these little people are back in school. Hope everyone had a most fabulous Christmas. Ours was, well....SWEET: