Album Preview: Katie & Gunther, a new Queensberry design

We are LOVING Queensberry Albums out of New Zealand. Soon we'll have a studio sample album of Jane & Tim Allen's wedding to share ~ come by and take a peek.

First & Foremost:
Here's the link to see Katie & Gunther's wedding day. WOW!

We were so moved by THESE IMAGES and so excited about QUEENSBERRY, our newest album offering, we couldn't help combine the two.

When watching the album slideshow, you'll notice that some pages showcase matted images (there's a slight texture shown on the screen to indicate matting) while other pages are full photo spreads. Yet a third type of spread combines the two. We are ecstatic about such versatility!

What Makes Queensberry Different
Most of the albums we've designed have been White Glove Books. SilverBox brides seem to love them as much as we do. White Glove is the perfect choice when wanting a high end "coffee table book" with images printed directly on page spreads. If you haven't held one in your hands, please come by ~ they are amazing! That toothy quality of the paper gives a White Glove album tactile as well as visual impact. A big part of that visual impact comes from the use of opaque images. Couples we've designed albums for have loved the effect opacity allows. Two White Glove spreads from Lindsey Rendlen's and Chris Patton's Album to illustrate opacity:

We searched the world over for an album that was MATTED but that could also allow for full photo spreads that incoporate opacity in the design. And it was New Zealand that held the answer. The following spreads have all been designed for the same album: Katie & Gunther's.
The above features an opaque image in the background (Gunther dipping his mom) which spreads across both pages. The image in the upper right of the end-of-the-dance-hug is in full color, and really, the focal point of the page, but what a great background visual the opaque creates.
[To emphasize the two-page-spread aspect, we've exaggerated the "break" with space + burgandy line.]
To be able to combine spreads like the one above with
matted pages is a dream come true. Also from Katie & Gunther's album:

~ a full image page (thus HALF spread) beside a page with two matted images:

~a more traditional mounted/matted page spread:

What fun we've had with these images and Queensberry's near endless design possibilites. We know that an on-screen album slideshow completely pales in comparison to the real thing, but hope it gives you a taste of new album design and the fun we have with weddings we document. Katie & Gunther, thanks again!!!

~amy enderle