I feel I've outsmarted the bug...ok, it took like 48 hours to troubleshoot, but YIPPEEEE:

  • You can click here now [REALLY] for Philip & Cody's S L I D E S H O W
  • Please note that the song title is listed incorrectly once the show starts...this track is actually DON'T LET GO. Hear & compare Parker's bass playing on all of the Sometimes Three songs at

  • Theoretically, I should be able to go back into the slideshow and make a simple change to correct the title...but honestly, I'm not going to dare touch it now that it's running. Going with the leave-well-enough-alone mantra. Aaah, exhale. What a great wedding! What a great song!!

    It's June...
    Kim and I are crazy busy, [stress on the crazy] BUT very very happy. And our web genius/master Dan Eckert even had a chance to make a few changes to the SilverBox site. Especially note the new entry under ALBUMS -- the Museum GiftBook is HOT off the presses and we're loving it.

    Thanks for your patience everyone. Enjoy ~ amy