a very sad day . . . Sarah EM Becking 1972 - 2008

walked in the door from a family shoot this morning and heard the news that our photographer friend sarah becking (age 36; magnificent mom; marvelous photog) died yesterday. 

damn it
damn it
damn it
have been either screaming or crying or just plain numb ever since . . . the feeling of broken heart
an outstanding photographer, sarah created LOTS of amazing MU images . . . a regular feature on many a sideline. 
i remember the very first time i met her at a local photo lab years and years ago and have loved her (and her work!) ever since. we pass sarah + jason's house everyday on the way to school.
cancer ~ it sucks, oh it sucks, but never did i hear HER complain. 
stuff looked really bad 2 years ago and each day since she's treated like a gift, making memories with her kids, and making images that make memories for others. isn't there a saying about you might die tomorrow, plant a tree today . . . sarah really knew how to plant. 
whoa, kim and i will both really miss her; so many will miss her including sarah + jason's kids:  adelaide (age 5, . . . a very good friend, comrade + partner-in-crime of miss sophie's) and young jack; and of course, jason, her husband, a saint of a guy on pretty much every count (unless you're cheering for the wrong team) 
jason's closing:
I close this e-mail the way I've ended most phone conversations, go hug your friends and family.
Sarah loved you all, and I appreciate that love flowing back toward us now. ~ Jason

from this post, and www.becking. com, this pic of sarah In The Zone. 
(photo by Bill Carter)