a Tuesday in Taos

"Tuesdays are lucky," Becca told me. "It's a good day to make important life changes" like buying a house or . . . getting married! After Becca & Adam's wedding in Taos, New Mexico this past Tuesday at El Monte Sagrado resort and spa, I'm inclined to believe her!

Becca & Adam's wedding ceremony took place in the Sacred Circle ~ the resort's beautifully landscaped green space sheltered by 5 nearly 100-year-old cottonwood trees and ringed by Tibetan prayer flags.Storm clouds were darkening and drifting in from the west while Becca and Adam dressed for the ceremony. As if on cue, these clouds let loose water-balloon-sized raindrops just as Becca and her father started down the path around the Sacred Circle. (No, those are not dust spots on my lens!)
Adam, noticing Becca's bare feet, reached down and removed his shoes too.
And then the storm paused (no doubt to catch it's breath!) while Brenda (Adam's mom & minister) led the service.
That pause lasted through the end of the ceremony, when Brenda began this Native American Wedding Prayer:
"Now you will feel no rain,
For each of you will be shelter to the other.
Now you will feel no cold,
For each of you will be warmth to the other. . ."

. . . Becca's reaction to the prayer:

and then a truly torrential rain sent us all under cover. If it's true that rain on your wedding day brings good luck, then rain on a TUESDAY wedding must mean that Becca & Adam are doubly blessed!

This wedding was, for me, especially wonderful. Becca and Adam, both photographers, found one another in the University of Missouri's photojournalism program. I met them both in Rita Reed's lighting & photojournalism class. Adam & Becca are MULTI-talented; in addition to photography, Adam is a gifted writer, and a collection of his photographs from a 12,000-mile trip through mid-America, FLYOVERLANDSCAPE, is now available for purchase! Becca designs jewelry (take a look at what she created and wore on her wedding day!):and she has many personal and professional photography projects in the works. She helped me document several weddings last year (check out blog entries below dated: 3.10.06 or 6.09.06 or 7.13.06 or 5.07.06 to see some of those weddings).

The best part about shooting the wedding of two photographers? Lots of exploratory, picture making time! We walked along Kit Carson Road

splashed our way through puddles down alleyways, braved cowpies, an unleashed guard dog and casino traffic to stand before Taos Mountain, and played in the warmth of the kama sutra suite.

A Tuesday in Taos, a marriage, a 2-photographer couple, a mountain, a day of both sunshine and torrents . . . blessings all.

~kim wade