" a p p a r e n t " ~ as in " to a P A R E N T " ? ? ? . . . c o i n c i d e n c e ? . . . hmm, perhaps, not.

Kim & I both LOVE documenting weddings.
At the core I think we so love it because what we DELIGHT IN is documenting LIFE.

For each of us [though we hadn't yet met] such joy became apparent when we became well, PARENTS. It's that fierce attempt to reach out & grab & commit to memory the fleeting.

When I first saw the picture Kim took of her daughter Sophie with the falling leaves [found under "kids in context" on the SilverBox website] I nearly cried. Kim, that ONE picture is worth every single penny you've ever spent on camera equipment. To have that to treasure and hold onto and to remember.

My oldest daughter is now 12. No longer tossing leaves above her head or baking cookies in a tutu. Already, there seems to be so much time that is long gone. Quite grown up these days. Articulate and opinionated and, well, not always MY biggest fan. So can I just tell you how delighted I was when Avery asked if I would take pictures of her with her friend Sarah?! She didn't only ask, Avery takes matters into her own hands. She arranged for the shoot to happen. And she had an idea in mind of what she wanted, a notion she described as "real life pictures of us together being friends"

And for today, life is good.

Hope everyone out there can take a little time to savor the present.
What a present it is, indeed. ~ amy