a little corner of the world ~ jason + whitney

7 years?

over 7 years?
did i hear them right, i thought?
whitney + jason, high school sweethearts, grew up together about an hour away, but these days, they call columbia home as students at MU (though jason is almost ALMOST an MU grad)
we ended their engagement session in their neighborhood ~ they live just a few houses down from each other (so fun!) but we started HERE (hooray for sparky's!):
from sparky's we ventured onto campus for a  lil' mizzou wandering. love LOVE mizzou wandering.
can you name THIS building? (and what a fun study in "vintage" red, white + blue)
now for more MU trivia:  these are the front steps to: ________________
don't you love when you're just walking along + bump into a fabulous swath of bright purple fall blooms. LOVE IT!
and love that (though it took some searching) we found THIS great foliage!
it's alwyas fun to photograph bursts of color 
BUT there's something magical about the way black and white image pulls you right in, eh?!
and one quick photo lesson before unveiling the jason + whitney's my-little-corner-of-the-world slideshow:
stare into this brick wall a sec. (my hand/camera are resting along that wall as i made the picture.) 
see how there's about a 3 inch segment of the wall in focus (specifically, within the focal plane)?
note:  it's about where jason's sweater is being snagged by the bricks (oops...sorry, man)
the wall closer to the camera (it's running off the edge at the right margin) is in FRONT of the focal plane. 
and note that even a few inches behind jason's shoulder, the bricks start to blur as well.
the PLANE that's in focus is narrow/shallow it's called the Focal Plane and it's a pretty cool thing.
placing subjects in a narrow focal plane is like butter!
a tasty way to isolate subjects and give them impact.
for more info, THIS seems like a fine place to start ~ have fun!
another way to have a whole lot of fun?
whitney, jason, (annika!) ~wow, what a super way to spend an afternoon.
nothing short of delicious!
thanks all!!