A Front Row Seat for Everyone

Melanie and Darrin have proven it once and for all: weddings don't have to be big or elaborate to be BEAUTIFUL! "We just want everyone to have a front row seat," said Melanie. "Yep," said Darrin. "That's our theme for the day: A Front Row Seat for Everyone." And so it was!

Day 1 was this:
Darrin, with help from a few buddies, unfolded each of those front row, wooden chairs and set them in a circle, nestled in a grassy corner of the Martin Luther King Memorial Garden, just off the MKT Trail. Melanie baked the wedding cake herself and chose a few cut flowers for her bouquet. No frills. No fuss. But LOADS and LOADS of love & emotion.

After the ceremony, it was hugs all around...the "receiving line" was a "receiving circle" with bear hugs from each and every guest as Melanie & Darrin moved around the circle.

The reception was a few steps away in the park pavilion...initimate, relaxed and joy-filled.

...and then...DAY 2! . . . 8 am Monday morning at Memorial Union for a spin with butterflies, bushes, archways and morning sunlight . . .

and of course, another spin on the MKT Trail. Melanie & Darrin are both prepping for marathons . . . I don't know many folks who could run in wedding attire and make it look easy, but Darrin & Melanie pulled it off!

. . . and SilverBox's first ever "trash the dress" session . . . (although, let's come up with a better name . . . we didn't really trash that dress, did we, Melanie? . . . just a little water and mud . . .). We splashed in the creek, entertained fellow MKT Trail walkers, runners & cyclists, and laughed the entire time. Up to our waists in water, it was the perfect antidote to a hot Missouri morning. (And Jennifer, who assisted both days, made great shots from the bridge with her NEW camera!).

Ok, now that you've seen a few pictures, you've got to see the rest! Click on Day 1 Slideshow: With Loved Ones and Day 2 Slideshow ~ Just Married (or "Off and Running!)". Give it a few seconds to load ~ it's worth the wait! (You'll need QuickTime Player to view it. If you don't already have it, you can download a free version here: Free QuickTime Player Download.) And Melanie and Darrin, we expect marathon updates from you later this Fall!