a few of my favorite things . . .

[in no particular order] *ebay:

Photobucket above:  $4 flags-of-the-world soccer ball = ridiculously happy boy

*dimples (+ delight!)

Photobucket the question of the season:  how many snuggies were found under trees xmas morn?


*artistic (albeit wacky) kids AND wacky kids!: Photobucket 2 things 9-year-old Tycho loves most:  the beatles + the alamo

(3, 4, 5 would be "beer lids"; the KC Chiefs; and poker) ~

so our clever teenage daughter added a little collage cover to his present. HUGE hit! HUGE!

(fyi above: that's Ringo remembering the Alamo in deep sepia-toned contemplation)


Tycho loves The Beatles SO MUCH that his Christmas List mainly consisted of Beatles shirts...he got THREE and couldn't be happier...


* did i mention ebay?

  since #6 on "Tycho's favorite things list" would be LEGOS; "people" and "weapons" (to stage the alamo btw)

topping the most desired of all ~ but tough to find without buying gigantic high dollar sets,

UNLESS SANTA SHOPS EBAY AND GETS THIS WHOLE ZIPLOC BAG for pennies on the dollar. fyi: AND Paul's new favorite lego piece, found!




* man's/family's best friend. introducing, LUCILLE. oh we love her so ~ and there's the artistic teen by Lucille's side.

Photobucket [side note: Avery looking that good first thing in the morning without a hint of make-up clearly genes from Paul's side....]

*silly, subtle resemblence:

Photobucket it's not just the eyes, the nose, the smile, the teeth (?) ~ but even the tilt of the head that makes kids look like their favorite people. camera's tend to capture that better than the eye, and THAT is one of the things I love most of all.


hoping YOUR Christmas was equally wacky, and merry, and bright!

stay warm! ~ amy