a bit behind, but Feeling Good . . .

remember being little, thinking how ridiculous adults sounded when they said:
"My how time flies" or
"Where has this month gone" ? ? ?
And now it's me. Does this mean I'm old? [note: hey that's meant to be rhetorical only :~ ]
Since I last made an entry I've documented the wedding celebrations of 3 very different but incredibly wonderful couples.
Cristina & Matt were married July 8 here in Columbia. Their ceremony was at Missouri Methodist, a church I've shot in many times, but I've never created pictures in that sanctuary that I'm more excited about than these. Big BIG thanks to that day's assistants: Stacie Pottinger just nailed exposures from the front balcony during the ceremony and Sara Brown's timing & angles [even though she shot seated by the aisle], are tremendous.

Missouri Methodist is beautiful & awe-inspiring, but quite dark [even during the afternoon] & pretty darn tricky to photograph. Honestly I've never seen a ceremony here photographed any better than what the three of us were able to do working as a team that day. Confessing the obvious: great images are never just because a photographer was in the right place at the right time with the right equipment & know-how. It's all about the LOVE. Matt & Cristina have an amazing chemsitry. When they smiled at each other as Cristina was coming down the aisle, it was if there was no one else in the room -- nonetheless 300 friends. I think every woman in the room feel a little bit in love with Coach Matt Heet that day, but clearly it is Cristina with whom he is smitten [and vice-versa!]. How fun it will be to watch these two grow old together.

Mizzou fans will get a special kick out of this album. Take a look and see!

  • Matt & Cristina's Album
  • Oh, and one final thought. Really, just a shoutout to all involved. WOW! -- to anyone who played any part in the re-creation of the Kemper Ballroom in the recently rennovated Lela Raney Wood Hall on Stephens campus -- what magnificant work you did! This ballroom is BEAUTIFUL. The wooden plank floors, the histroric light fixture, those oversized windows; all absolutely breathtaking. What an asset to Stephens campus, to downtown Columbia and to our community's history. It was the perfect place for Matt & Cristina, a Stephens College graduate, to dance the night away. Great people. Great atmosphere. Delicious food. And friends who are fabulously fun. I haven't been creating albums of the weddings I've documented of late -- I've LOVED, LOVED Kim's, but they really take some time. With

  • these images
  • however, I just couldn't help myself -- it just seems the pictures themsevles were begging to be more than 4x6 proofs.
    It's all about the love. ~ amy