a baby Bird

We're home...
not yet unpacked, but home.

Can't wait to show (and further experiment with) all we learned.
BUT, in the meantime, Kim and I both have a number of images from recent sessions that we love but have yet to share...
so be warned SilverLining watchers, lots of new entries & updates coming your way.
FURTHER WARNING: The next few entries are likely to be image-heavy & text-short, so if what you like about the blog is new pictures without having to scroll through so much rambling narrative, then you are absolutely in luck.

My guess as to why we'll be a bit less wordy in the near future.
Well kids, it's Memorial Day Weekend:
Swimming pools open, outdoor grilling begins and
HOORAY! ~ the official kick-off of Wedding Season.
Our FAVORITE time of year.

Let's start off with Mike & Tracy.
Tracy has one my most favorite (ever!) laughs.
See how she sort of smiles from the tip of her head to the tips of her fingers:
And below are Tracy & Mike TOGETHER. (Michael is equally fabulous & kind & loving & positive & fun, but, perhaps a bit....um, with a laugh that's slightly softer?)

Now take a look at them TODAY:

What follows: more favorites of Mike & Tracy (Wrenn) Crowe AND the little baby bird nearly ready to say goodbye to the nest. There's a little wager going on as to delivery date...and drats, I didn't win this one, but what fun!!

sidenote: We keep hearing that when we post images we should identify them with a copyright mark. OK, so we could just put that circled-C on top of the images, but come one, where's the fun in that?

In this post you'll see border & signature options galore....we're trying to figure out our SilverBox border look. Any thoughts or suggestions are always welcome & appreciated.

Think happy-&-easy-baby-delivery thoughts for Trace & Mike
& check back soon.

Time to unpack :D
~amy enderle