Mary Kate :: Rock Bridge SR'18

Mary Kate Stober 2.jpg

Meet this tall drink of water, Mary Kate! She loves pasta, shopping, and the occasional Netflix binge. Mary Kate has a big heart and can often be found supporting her family and friends' endeavors. This green-eyed goddess is sweet and smart. She plans to attend MU and study medicine.

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student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • reliable, determined, friendly unusual talent • moving his ears weirdly passionate about • electronics last meal • Sushi most like to visit • Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, BVI loves SilverBox Seniors because • they do cool senior pictures

Randall :: Kirksville SR'18


She's beauty and she' grace, she's Miss United States Randall Chambers! Randall's unwavering compassion may be her most endearing quality, but they're all pretty great. She loves flamingos and the elderly and spreads cheer with her sweet smile. An afternoon with Randall feels like an oversized sweater and a cup of hot tea. Randall is passionate about dance performance and choreography. She plans to study dance and kinesiology in college.

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student of • Kirksville High School self-defined as • sensitive, compassionate, warm unusual talent • loves to rap weirdly passionate about • elderly people & flamingos last meal • grilled chicken, zucchini, corn on the cob, and fruit salad big plan • To attend college majoring in dance, kinesiology, or a combination of the two! Randall dreams of choreographing incredible dancers and coaching them to become the absolute best they can be. She will use her understanding of the science behind the movements! most like to visit •  Can never visit New York City enough! loves SilverBox Seniors because • The photographers capture the unique traits and bubbly personalities of their subjects in gorgeous, natural photos.


Sarah :: Rock Bridge SR'18


Say hello to Sarah! She's all smiles and endearing nose wrinkles when she laughs. Sarah loves ice cream and crime shows. Sarah's mini goldendoodle, Leo, has her heart. She has her sites set on a future as a pharmacist.

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student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • Loud, talkative, friendly weirdly passionate about • crime shows last meal • Fettuccine Alfredo, Ben and Jerry's Phish food ice cream most like to visit • Italy loves SilverBox Seniors because • The pictures are high quality and they capture each different person's personality!

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Nicole :: Rock Bridge SR'18


Meet Nicole! Her smile and warmth feel like comfort food for your soul! She loves dabbling with makeup, baking, and stretching her mind with science. Nicole is very involved in YoungLife and regularly hosts all of her friends and small group members. This dark-haired beauty has an enthusiasm for life that is contagious. One afternoon with her left me smiling! Nicole plans to study medicine and may follow her Grandfather's footsteps into dermatology.

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Nicole Karasiuk 1.jpg


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • Funny, kind, smart unusual talent • she likes to do makeup weirdly passionate about • science last meal • Fettuccine Alfredo most like to visit • Greece dream job • dermatologist loves SilverBox Seniors because • Their pictures are amazing and Annika is super talented.


Mattie :: Rock Bridge SR'18

My, my, my Mattie is a showstopper! She can rock a baseball hat, loves Christmas, and thinks french toast is heaven sent. Mattie craves adventure and loves to see the world. With legs for days, Mattie runs cross country and plays varsity golf. She's a thoughtful friend and dreams of being a campaign manager one day. 

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student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • thoughtful dream job • campaign manager weirdly passionate about • Christmas and 1800s Fashion last meal • French toast from Cafe Berlin most like to visit • Europe loves SilverBox Seniors because • They are the best in Columbia and look very professional but not too edited.

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