hair therapy :: hip hip hurray! ~ commercial photography by SilverBox


four cheers for the women (from left: carla, kim, marci, kimberly) of hair therapy ~ our "go to" salon right here in Columbia. they opened their doors over a year ago and are going strong! talented, kind, fun . . . the perfect combo for you AND your hair! they celebrated the addition to their team of stylist, kimberly, with new photos. Hey, i just realized that hair therapy has grown from 3 to 4 this year, just like we have at SilverBox (see our own SilverBox big news by clicking here). Having a new studio space has enabled us to take on more headshot and corporate assignments like this, and we are loving it!


~ kim and amy

expand the team, expand the possibilities : welcome, ashley turner!


We count our lucky stars to be able to work together creating pictures for the best clients on earth!

Here's a bit of timeline:

SilverBox was founded by Amy and Kim who first began shooting together in 2003. By 2010 the amazing Annika Miller (who'd been our lighting and shooting assistant throughout her college career) was all grown up and excited to build SilverBox Seniors!  Next step:  studio space!  In 2011 we opened warehouse studio in Columbia's Art District, sharing the space with Hoot Design Co (a graphic design business of SilverBox bride, Kristen Brown).

The combined SilverBox and Hoot Design Co allows for one-stop shopping. SilverBox brides can benefit from Hoot Design Co. wedding stationery. When that couple expects their first baby, they come back to the studio at 107 Orr Street for birth announcements as well as maternity and newborn pictures. At holiday time, Hoot Design Co designs custom greeting cards around the family photographs SilverBox creates.

Plus, our Berry Building neighbors offer amazing collaborative opportunities. Both Studio Home and PS Gallery have become great partners and friends on many levels. Amy explains: "Years ago, as newcomers at an international photography conference, Kim and I heard a keynote speaker say “build a mountain of friends” -- advice that we took to heart. We joined forces, establishing a look, a work ethic and a brand that laid the foundation for growth. Now we walk into our studio feeling lucky, not just because we do what we love, but because we do it alongside friends. Together we challenge and learn from each other and together we look for creative solutions. We have expanded the team carefully and thoughtfully, and the result is expanded possibilities and very happy clients. Life is good."


Special thanks to Catherine Rhodes for the photos of the SilverBox team in our studio!

headshot days


thanks to the folks who participated in our first ever "headshot days" event! we photographed theater professionals from the independent actors theatre, a beauty pageant winner, and small business owners (including the design powerhouse one canoe two, and open studio pilates). for those of you who need head shots (and who doesn't?!) . . . we'll do it again in the fall. stay tuned . . .


~annika & kim

impromptu headshots, successful quests+ a sneak peak, too

ODE TO (come now, hum ode to joy* will ye??)ODE TO (THE QUEST for) the perfect . . . .

~ shoes
~ bag
~ lipgloss
~ watch
~ couch
can men relate to this? 
though maybe um girly? one (endearing?) trait kim + i share is that we're often on a quest for the perfect __________.  
through years of trial + error or just crazy vision (?), we tend to figure out JUST what we want, but then must figure out WHERE to find it or HOW to make it.
now solidly in my 30s, i've actually FOUND some of the above
shoes:  earth, but a style now discontinued...aargh ]
[ bag ~ at least a bag for camera LENSES, see:;]
[ couch:  paul + i stumbled upon it HERE in tower grove -- it's a custom-made modern-design piece clearly crafted-per-client request in the 1960s.  the-future's-antiques-store uncovered it at an estate sale, and we LOVE it. It's an L-shaped sectional made from 7 subtlely different sun + foliage shades of genuine Naugahyde; you've gotta see it to believe just how great it is!]
[ wristwatch -- found!!! -- for our 15th wedding anniversary, paul gave me the MOST FABULOUS watch with a card reading "had a feeling this would be just PERFECT" ~ his insight especially right-on since i'd sent him THIS LINK ]
yoga starts soon; here's the abbreviated version:
silly me, racing out the door last week DROPPED my wonderful still-pretty-new seaglass watch on the cement floor of my office ~well the seaglass survived PERFECTLY (b/c in the course of its life has endured much greater force), the watch face, however c-r-a-c-k-e-d.
well god-bless-google; found the artist (jessica lee); sent her an email with the story and she responded (no kidding, though it sounds to good to be true)

"You can return the watch and I will replace the face - no charge!

Just send it to the studio..."

followed by her shipping address:  in PORTLAND.
(where i would by flying into a mere two days later!)
well that 15th anniversary watch is now one of my most favorite things.
so OF COURSE i wanted to meet the artist and, fingers-crossed, get it repaired in time for scott + candy's wedding on the coast. so yep, you guessed it, i dropped in. and LOOK who i found:
this is jessica, jewelry designer extraordinaire:
and office assistant and aspiring-photographer michelle (who answered the door with close-to-my-dream shoes and the most adorable haircut):
how fun is this!
i was THERE, my cameras + lenses were in the trunk of the rental car just outside and i've yet to meet an artist who isn't in need of an updated head-shot. PLUS, i got to look through mountains of the most amazing, hand-made jewelry you've ever seen. OMG
the beauty of jessica lee's pieces. her jewelry is created from reclaimed items ~ seaglass, old buttons, vintage pottery. the word perfect comes to mind. perfect as in quest-ending-perfection. 
my advice:  jot down your x-mas list and head straight over to this website.

or click here for a list of boutiques carrying the jl925 line near you.

~amy enderle, just hours away from having elizabeth + matthew images to share, and what fun they are!
and i'm equally ecstatic for you to see meet candy + scott, in full force

and whewwwwww THESE NOT-YET-PROCESSED images are breathtaking. . . keep in touch / check back soon!

* one of my favorite versions of this, (and yes, these are the results of another quest . . . i think i was making a mix CD for zoe several years ago):  LOVE sally harmon's Jump For Joy rendition click here, then scroll down to the PIROUETTE album. click and play. (and smile! -- life is good!!)