everything changes + meet grace + levi

remember our posts about our friend sarah? [the inspiration and love behind Hold that Hug??] we'd like to take this chance to invite you to participate in this June 5th Devner, Colorado event. Tickets are now on sale online, in a limited supplyAND interested in submitting a picture for the photo contest? (DO IT! only requirement is the theme: Everything Changes)

Email entries to everythingchanges@becking.comConcert lineup looks to include Hazel Miller, Col. Redbone, Velvet Elvis, Sonic Junkies, and Confunkcious. Doors open at 6:30, show ends when the show ends.

facebook page on the whole thing is here. and speaking of changes, amy is now a facebook user, too (and won't you be my friend?)

and speaking of NEW FRIENDS. oh my goodness how i loved meeting grace + levi!  it was a kirksville shoot which means i didn't just meet new friends,i caught up with older dear ones, too AND came home with (nearly a) trunkfull of frozen ronzas. it had snowed (and snowed! and snowed!!) the day before ~ my what crazzzzzzy weather we were having, so this shoot has a far greater number of "interiors" than is the SilverBox norm.

but i'm LOVING the interaction between grace and levi. and those great interior windows offer such tremendous leading lines (and shadows!!)

OK, to see even more, try out this slideshow link.

and want to know ABSOLUTELY the MOST fun thing i've taken part in in MONTHS? baba + tad's wedding -- no contest. changes (etc) in my midst have kept me from processing and posting these incredible images as quickly as i'd hoped BUT . . . oh please hang with me just a wee bit more. pix from tad + baba's party will knock your socks off, guaranteed.

and a sneak peek will be posted soon. stay tuned!        

and thanks to everyone for your kindness + patience ~ hugs! amy