3 cheers for Carrie & Bill!

[sorry! - links no longer available]  Someday soon I'll relay the true story of the SilverBox Tree.

It's thanks to that tree that I was lucky enough to meet CARRIE & BILL [thru Amy & Joe via the Anna & Jim branch]. OK, but that part, the "the-house-that-Jack-built-part" well, will save the narrative for later.

The HERE & NOW is [drumroll, please] look, l O O K ! . . . LOOOOOOK: it's our first


These images, this celebration, THESE GREAT PEOPLE! were just too much fun not to try my hand with this (new-to-me) technology.

Enjoy, ENJOY! E N J O Y . . . . . . the pictures, the people AND the tunes: music provided by my brother-in-law Parker's band


Their first concert is coming up SOON, May 30th, in Kansas City. Thus, the common THEME of this entry...unique & fabulous LOCAL VENUES. Billy & Carrie were married at The Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis and Sometimes Three [S3 for us fans] will be rocking the house at The Grand Emporium, BOTH buildings Missouri circa 1912. Amen for architectural richness combined with colorful souls. I am surrounded by the Cool...and I'm loving it! hip hip HOORAY ~ amy