Bethany : New Bloomfield SR'18


Hold onto your jaws, Bethany's sneak peeks have arrived. She may have a sweet smile and cascading curls, but Bethany is a force to be reckoned with. She's intelligent, affable, and strong in her convictions. Beth has a passion for pickles, candles, and makeup. When it comes to forming a trivia or debate team, this one's a real catch!

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student of • New Bloomfield High School self-defined as • Passionate, strong-willed, and intelligent unusual talent • great memory for useless facts weirdly passionate about • pickles and candles last meal • Tacos, spaghetti, a crescent roll, and orange chocolate for dessert. dream job • Author most like to visit •  France & Japan loves SilverBox Seniors because • TThey have some of the most beautiful portraits that I have seen. They are tailored to each person and their unique styles and hobbies.


Annika Miller

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