Rose :: Fr. Tolton SR'18

Ladies & Gents, Rose is a sight to behold! With gorgeous blond locks and a sunny personality, Rose leaves a lasting impression. Rose is an accomplished dancer and often challenges herself outside of her comfort zone. She loves Disney songs, is a thoughtful friend, and has a wardrobe full of flair. Rose dreams of a career in pediatric oncology. 


student of • Father Tolton Catholic High School self-defined as • Bubbly, outgoing, and thoughtful big plans • To attend a 4 year university and pursue a pre-med degree! most proud of • Making it all the way through Catholic school- kindergarten through senior year! last meal • Chick-fil-A! loves SilverBox Seniors because • I love the way all of their pictures look. I've never seen a picture from SilverBox where the senior looks forced or uncomfortable. All of the pictures taken at SilverBox capture each senior in their best light possible!

Annika Miller

SilverBox Photographers, 107 Orr Street, Columbia, MO, 65201