Silver on White ~ Heirloom Portraiture by SilverBox

My passion for photography was stoked during those magical moments of making my first black & white prints from a film negative in my high school's darkroom. Have you ever been in a darkroom? I can still remember the smell, the look. the feel of being in that small, muffled, dim space, lit by the red glow of one or two safe lights. Time became at once both minute and expansive. Each ticking second rendered a print crisper, clearer while floating in its chemical bath. Hours flew by at a snail's pace; you can enter a darkroom at noon and find yourself at midnight still absorbed in the acts of plunging, agitating, rinsing, timing, and waiting breathlessly for an image to emerge. Again. And again. And again.

These black & white prints were not handmade in my high school darkroom (alas :)!, but they still excite in me that quality of creating something at once wholly unique and timeless. We use an archival, acid-free, watercolor paper and will meet you at the frame shop to help you select a custom matte and frame. 

"Silver on White" is both a product and an act ~ a family heirloom made by slowing down and simplifying a child's portrait to its black & white and beautiful essence. Now that we've got this lovely, renovated studio space, we are able to craft "Silver on White" portraits with ease. Reach out to us for an appointment if you like.