Caroline : Rock Bridge SR' 17

Sweet Caroline! One conversation with this girl will have you wanting to join her fan club. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. Caroline dreams of the bakery she'll own one day while visions of sugar plums, tiramisu, and pastries dance in her head. Caroline loves running, hammocking, and hiking. It's easy to see why she's the Kanukuk princess. She makes being royal look effortless and lovely.


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • Outgoing, perky, athletic dream job • owning a bakery  most proud of • Being a Kanakuk princess last meal • steak loves SilverBox Seniors because • You can always tell a SilverBox picture by the quality of them in the yearbook. I have several friends that have used SilverBox and they loved the experience.

Caroline Critchfield 2.jpg