Becky :: New Bloomfield SR'16


Beck, Beck, Beckyyy! Good gracious, she's got it all: the hair, the stare, 7 siblings, and a mini poodle. Becky is ambitious and adorable. She can be found heading up public health and service causes or eating sour patch kids. Becky embraces her girly side while shopping boutiques and collecting fistfuls of makeup. I adore these spring colors and Becky's colorful personality.



student of • New Bloomfield High School self-defined as • Outspoken, ambitious, intelligent big plans • Attend Mizzou to get a health science degree, emphasis in pre-professional, then off to med school or a doctorate in public health. most proud of • Co-founding the Tobacco Free Missouri Youth Advisory Board, working across the state to teach people about creating smoke-free policies. last meal • Pasta and sour patch kids, or the entire Lucky's store loves SilverBox Seniors because • I saw Mikayla Bessey & Karina Kitchen's photos a couple of years ago and I've been obsessed ever since!

Annika Miller

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