Elliot : Rock Bridge SR'17


I've known and adored Elliot, the son of my beloved business partner, for nearly 10 years! His charm and wit are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Elliot isn't afraid to make a statement and jumps in with both feet when committing himself to a cause. He loves fried marshmallows, sports, and quirky socks. He pushes himself academically and owned the ACT. When he's not walking his dog, Izze, juggling, or watching the animated The Princess and the Frog you might even find him biking 45 minutes each way to school!

p.s. Cow suit brought to you by Elliot's "founding father" roll in the Rock Bridge High School Heifer International organization.


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • funny, amicable, empathetic dream job • wealthily unemployed weirdly passionate about • The Princess and The Frog (The Disney Animated Version) last meal • Fried marshmallows and Arnold Palmer (the drink, not the person) loves SilverBox Seniors because • I'm maternally bound to like them

Annika Miller

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