Photographer and podcast junkie, Kim Wade, loves road trips, fantasy fiction, campfires, olive oil, and seafood (the rawer the better). 

She was an exchange student in Ecuador before earning degrees in American Civilization and Environmental Education. As a coxswain on her college crew team, it’s possible Kim spent more time in a boat than in class. She led backpack and canoe trips at summer camps, fell head­-over­heels for a well­-traveled guy, married that guy, and lived in 9 states before returning to the midwest.

As a wedding photographer, Kim’s pictures have been spotlighted on Oprah and Entertainment Tonight. More than 200 couples have chosen Kim to record their wedding stories across 22 Missouri counties and beyond, including San Diego, Chicago, Washington D.C. as well as Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, the Bahamas, and Poland.

When she’s not helping couples look and feel great on their wedding day, you can find her: whipping up a mean batch of New Mexico red chili sauce; mapping a driving tour of Iceland’s Ring Road; and managing a household that includes her 2 (now teenage!) children, a chocolate lab, 2 cats, and her can­-do, quietly creative husband, David.

Speaking of can­-do, Kim and David are fixing up an old cottage in the lakeside village of Empire, Michigan. The latest upgrade? Fourteen solar panels! Consumed by wanderlust, Kim’s Sunday morning routine begins with poring over the New York Times travel section, dreaming about that next trip. Where to?!






Outdoor adventurer and brunch enthusiast, Annika Miller, wants to live in a world where all things are both efficient and beautiful. 

She’s passionate about world­-wide travel, lifting heavy weights, peach praline pie, and organizing everything from her pantry to file folders. She has yet to master the art of folding a fitted sheet, but has a knack for remembering names like you wouldn’t believe.

Award­-winning and nationally­-recognized, Annika has photographed more than 250 high school seniors and over 120 weddings. It’s safe to say she’s getting her money’s worth from that Bachelor of Science degree in Photography! Annika’s growing collection of fine art and travel photography can be found gracing the walls of coffee shops, art galleries, and hospitals.

Annika, small-business owner extraordinaire, mentors and speaks to other self-­employed artists about mastering their budgets, to­-do­ lists, and workflow. She almost makes being an organizational ninja sound fun, right?!

When she’s not building her clients’ confidence with fun, flattering portraits, you can find Annika overusing her labelmaker, playing chef in her kitchen, or trying to convince her cat to snuggle. Annika and her bear-­hugging, pop-culture-loving husband, Daniel, live in a cottage in the heart of Columbia, MO. Lately, she can’t stop talking about modern farmhouses and buying a little piece of land with a sunset view.




We’re Kim and Annika: fabulous friends and business partners, too! We've hula hooped in Tennessee, photographed SilverBox’s first same sex wedding in DC, road­tripped to Texas, and fought crime in Atlanta. We can often be found going splitsies while dining, laughing until we cry, and counting the reasons why we love what we do.


In 2005, Kim and Amy Enderle created SilverBox Photographers: a product of friendship, a shared love of photography, asking themselves “what if,” and one GIANT leap of faith. Two years later, Annika devoted her weekends to assisting Kim and Amy at weddings and joined the team full time in 2010. 

We worked from home offices until our next leap in 2011. Kim and Annika opened Studio 107, SilverBox’s first studio space. Now, Kim leads SilverBox Weddings. Annika heads up SilverBox Seniors and 

assists at weddings. Amy still cheers, inspires, and promotes from afar. Combined, we have 30+ years of professional photography expertise. 

We once heard an inspiring photographer advise colleagues to ‘build a mountain of friends’ — advice we took to heart. Our business is built on friendships . . . with our clients AND with one another. As photographers, we challenge and learn from one another; we laugh at our shared quirks and we fuel each other’s drive to make pictures that blow our clients away! 



Visit us in our light-drenched studio, located in Columbia’s North Village Arts District!


Tucked between Sager-Braudis Gallery and Ernie's Diner, we're proud to call this urban loft-inspired studio on Walnut our home.  Studio 1023 is the shared space of SilverBox Photographers and Hoot Design Co. Plenty of fun & laughter in our studio! 

Gaze at our skyline view, look at the displays on our walls, and (if you make the mistake of asking) be prepared to listen to a lengthy description of our space's transformation from local grocery to photography studio. 






Kim and Annika's passions combine photography, travel, and good eating! Travel photography, for us, has been a way to “savor life intensely, every hundredth of a second,” Marc Riboud, French Photographer





SilverBox Photographers is based in Columbia, Missouri and available for travel coast-to-coast and worldwide. 

We hope our pictures reach out, grab you, and send you spinning into a happy dance . . . but goodness, we’re just happy you found us. Questions? We’d love to chat, so give us a ring or shoot us an email. Prefer to hold our beautiful albums in your hands or gaze at a wall of canvas prints while we get to know one another? Swing by our studio at 1023 E Walnut St.!